Most frequent questions

You will get a stunning 5-6 page professional website. You will also get upto 10 dedicated hours of our developers’ time. As a bonus we will also install all the necessary plugins in your website in terms of speed, SEO and security

We cover a part of our initial website development cost by asking you to sign up for a web hosting (Cloudways), using our affiliate link

When you use the link we will get thecommission. This is paid by the hosting company so it does not impact your pocket in any way

Absolutely not. We will not request for any of your personal information eg. Credit Card Info. 

We do not even need you to purchase any premium plugin to get started

Also, we don’t require you to sign any contract with us

Every website, atleast the professional websites on the internet have to have a hosting.

If you want to showcase your domain to the world then hosting is must

Don’t worry. Bluehost hosting cost is as low as $3 each month

We aim to complete it within 21 days. For this to happen its very important that we receive swift and apt support from your end in terms of feedback on design, logo,content on the page, etc.

You will need to transfer your hosting to Bluehost. 

We stand behind each and every website that we create. In order for that website to load quickly and be up and running 24/7 its very important to partner with a great hosting

And Bluehost is the best. Bluehost lets you host Unlimited websites at just $3 each month