Our Process

01. Application Submission

Submit the form and let us know what kind of website would you like. We will analyze your application and get back to you in 24-48 hours

02. Initial Setup

Once your application is selected we will guide you in setting up of your hosting and then configure the back end of your WordPress Site

03. Website Creation

We will start with installing all the necessary plugins and a theme. Then along with you we will select a layout template which will act as the spine of your website. We will design the entire website around the template

04. Website Demo

We will work with you to upload all the relevant content about your business. We will also teach you how to upload all these details in future so that you do not have to hire a developer in future

05. Website Handover

Voila! Its Done. We handover the website to you with 100% control. This website would be completely SEO optimized and responsive for laptop, tablet as well as mobile devicesĀ